UserVoice is hiring an interaction designer!

UserVoice is looking for a solid interaction designer to help us tell our story and delight our customers. You should be comfortable driving ideas from concept to completion and working on a bunch of different projects, like our marketing website and web/mobile product workflows and interfaces.

Key qualities we are looking for in a designer are:

  • Craftsman. You care deeply about the quality of your work and are continually improving and challenging yourself.
  • Communicator. You are able to communicate and share your ideas through written briefs, sketches and wireframes, prototypes, wild hand gestures, and high-fidelity mockups.
  • Builder. You don’t just think of cool stuff. You make it. You understand that an idea is just an idea unless you bring it to life.
  • Collaborator. You understand the importance of being a team member, leaning on and learning from the skills of others, and putting team before individual accomplishments.

Moreover, you are someone who:

  • knows what you’re doing (we’re not here to babysit you);
  • has a strong work ethic, is reliable, and delivers on time;
  • can design engaging experiences with typography, color, space and imagery;
  • understands that content and copy are just as much a part of design as visuals are;
  • utilizes best practices when designing across desktop and touch interfaces (and knows the differences between them);
  • can produce production-level semantic HTML and CSS, understands how to design and code the non-visual stuff (accessibility, etc.);
  • earns bonus points with print design experience (though not required), able to hand off assets to a printer and work with them to make sure your designs are reproduced as intended;
  • able to work directly with our talented engineering team to implement the hard stuff;
  • and…works well with others, because we want to work well with you.

Most importantly, we’re looking for the right person, not someone who can just check off all the items on the lists we’ve made here. It’s quite possible you bring qualities we didn’t know we even needed. If so, tell us. We want to know you. Each person on our team is important to us, and we strive to create a strong company culture that everyone contributes to and is proud of.

We believe that proven experience doesn’t come from the number of college degrees you may or may not have earned. We’re not interested in how many awards or honors you may or may not have received (although congrats to you if you have). We expect that you understand and are engaged in some of the latest tech and design goodness coming out of startups these days, but we aren’t looking for someone who is ruled by them.

Still interested? Here are some things you can expect working at UserVoice:

  • We’re a highly collaborative team, and we do our best to limit process so that it doesn’t get in the way (but also streamlines getting things done). You can read more about how we use Trello and Google Docs to make UserVoice better every day. And, who knows, that may change in a couple of months.
  • We have two offices: our headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and Raleigh, NC. We’re looking for someone to join us in San Francisco.
  • Our creative team is headed up by Joshua Rudd (Head of UX Design) and includes John Long (UX Designer), Brad Graham (Front-end Developer), Chad Bercea (Graphic Designer), Andy Parker (Copywriter), and quite possibly you (what do you want to be called?). Our team works directly with everyone else in the company to ensure that we create cohesive designs and experiences across product and marketing.
  • Our engineering team does some amazing work. And while we say we have a creative team and an engineering team, the truth is that we don’t throw designs over the fence and expect them to make it happen. We work together from the very beginning because design is not just how something looks but also how it works. And how something works influences how things look.
  • We work hard because we love what we do, and we play hard because we like each other. However, we don’t live at the office. We have lives. Many of us have families. Some of us are rock stars (but not the design-ninja-rock-star-shit kind many companies say they’re looking for).

If you can see yourself working with us or have any questions, we want to get to know you better. Email us at, tell us about yourself, and include links (or attachments) to some of your work you are proud of, including which roles you played. We’d also like to know your favorite childhood cartoon (our job Turing test!).


Joshua Rudd
Head of UX Design