UserVoice API Changelog

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Date What’s new
08/28/2013 Ticket API listing now supports filtering by no queue. Use support_queue_id=none.
08/01/2013 Ticket API search did not support paging correctly. This is now fixed.
06/28/2013 Remove the TicketNotes/update API endpoint. Ticket notes and messages are meant to be append-only.
04/18/2013 Correct the date formats and event listing in Service Hooks listing
04/18/2013 Ticket History API for querying ticket assignments, status changes and contact changes.
03/27/2013 Ticket API search now supports the same syntax than Admin Console. (Old incomplete query syntax behavior is still available, if “old_query” parameter is used instead of “query”)
02/19/2013 Service Hooks API
02/08/2013 Support for admin permissions in the API. The new endpoints can be found here.