Crittercism Integration

Deploying both the Crittercism SDK and UserVoice for iOS in your iOS App is very easy. In fact, both SDKs are designed to automatically detect each other and work without any extra configuration on your part.

1. Install UserVoice for iOS

Up to date instructions can be found at

2. Install Crittercism

Up to date instructions can be found at

3. Make sure your Gadget is installed in UserVoice

  1. Sign in your UserVoice admin console.
  2. Navigate to Integrations in the Settings section.
  3. Add the Crittercism gadget (it might already be there, depending on how you got set up). You’ll need your Crittercism API key, which can be obtained from Crittercism’s admin area.

Once you do that, you’ll get the Crittercism Gadget for Inspector. This means you’ll always have all the data (device info, crash data, os version, app version) you need to answer support tickets from our iOS users quickly and with less back and forth.

Critterism Gadget for Inspector