SalesForce Contributor Sidebar Button

Only compatible with SalesForce Classic view.


  • A UserVoice account and admin login
  • A plan that includes Contributor Sidebar licenses
  • SalesForce Account
  • SalesForce Classic View

How to add the Button

  1. Click your name at the upper right side of SalesForce homepage and click Setup.
  2. Type in Button in the search field located in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Buttons, Links, and Actions under the Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities section.
  4. Click New Button or Link
  5. In the create new button screen type UserVoice Feedback in the ‘Label’ field, and give an appropriate description, e.g. Opens UserVoice Contributor Sidebar to submit feedback. in the ‘Description’ field. ‘Display Type’ is Detail Page Button, select Execute Javascript for the ‘Behavior’, and OnClick Javascript as the ‘Content Source’.
  6. Update the following code snippet to include your UserVoice domain, e.g.
(function() {if (window.uvAgentSidebar) {uvAgentSidebar.init();} else if (!document.getElementById('uv-agent-sidebar-loader')) {var s = document.createElement('script');var t = new Date().getTime(); = 'uv-agent-sidebar-loader';s.setAttribute('data-subdomain', 'INSERT DOMAIN HERE');s.setAttribute('data-bookmarklet-version', '4');s.onload = function() { uvAgentSidebar.init() };s.src = '//INSERT DOMAIN HERE/clients/agent/sidebar_loader.js?' + t;document.body.appendChild(s);}})();
  1. Copy and paste the snippet into the formula section of the custom button page.
  2. Add the UserVoice Feedback button to the respective page layout.


Open up a Contact, Opportunity, or Account record and click the UserVoice Feedback button to open up the UserVoice Contributor Sidebar. The Sidebar should appear on the right-hand side of the screen.


  • If feedback is not being captured in your UserVoice instance, ensure the domain you added to the highlighted part of the code in step 6 above contains your specific UserVoice domain and spelled accordingly.

  • The button is not working in SalesForce Lightning. This button will not work in SalesForce Lightning as Lightning does not support Javascript buttons.

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