UserVoice Widget & JS SDK Overview

UserVoice’s Javascript SDK is a new in-app platform that provides you with enhanced insight into your userbase, while engaging your users and giving them the tools to give you feedback when and where it’s most important.

With tools such as Satisfaction Ratings and SmartVote, you can track trends and correlate positive or negative responses with specific areas of product improvement. And our contact form with Instant Answers™ provides your users with the information they’re looking for, while reducing the amount of support requests you receive.

Contact Widget (mode: 'contact')

The contact widget allows users to send you a message. Before a message is sent, the Instant Answers™ system checks for related knowledge base articles or ideas in your feedback forum that may answer their question. You can also customize your form with custom fields.

See the Pen Contact Widget by Joshua Rudd (@joshuarudd) on CodePen

SmartVote Widget (mode: 'smartvote')

SmartVote is a new way to rank ideas and quickly find out which ideas are most important to various types of users. Users are presented with two ideas from your forum and asked which one they like more. After picking a winner, they have the option to subscribe to updates on the idea, and are presented with another set.

See the Pen Contact Widget by Joshua Rudd (@joshuarudd) on CodePen

Satisfaction Widget (mode: 'satisfaction')

Satisfaction ratings allow you to find out the satisfaction level across your entire userbase. Find out which ideas your detractors and promoters want most, and follow up with unhappy customers before they disappear.

See the Pen Contact Widget by Joshua Rudd (@joshuarudd) on CodePen

Gain even more user insights behind the scenes

In addition to these three widgets, you can also identify users and pass user and account traits to give you even more insight into who’s giving you feedback. With our new User Feedback, Satisfaction, and Insights reports, you will be able to drill into the issues and feedback that matter most.

Here’s an example of the UserVoice Javascript embed code with various features and options enabled.

Configure your own embed code at or continue reading the developer documentation.

Developer documentation