Using a Custom Domain With Your Customer Portal


Setting a custom domain makes your feedback portal available on a domain name that you control, such as, rather than a UserVoice subdomain like Once a custom domain is configured for your account, it will become the canonical home of your feedback portal. Any web requests for the original subdomain will then be redirected to the custom domain.


1. Update your DNS

Update your DNS to redirect your chosen aliased URL (e.g.: to using a CNAME record.

DNS Settings
  feedback  14400  IN  CNAME

Each registrar has its own method of adding CNAME records. The important parts of this record are your subdomain, in our example feedback, and your original UserVoice domain (

It may take several hours for your DNS changes to take effect.

If you need help, or if your registrar recommends a different solution, please contact support.

2. Set your CNAME in UserVoice

Once your DNS settings have been set go to Admin Console → Settings → Web portal → Domain Name (edit) and enter your domain alias.

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